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Contact: sharon@sharonrenold.com  •  Brooklyn, New York  •  Aarau, Switzerland

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3. Dream Theater Cover Video; October 29th, 2015; Studio A 150 Mass Ave; Bassist; Recording Session for a Dream Theater Cover
5. Overdubs Dream Theater Cover Video; December 8th, 2015; Studio A 150 Mass Ave; Bassist; Recording Session for Dream Theater Cover
11. ‘Found in Translation’ Event; February 16th, 2016; David Friend Recital Hall; Bassist; Gig (Subbed for Guy Bernfeld)
12. Awarded Outstanding Performer/Learner Award from the Bass Dept. receiving $1,000. - March 10th, 2016
13. Vocal Music of South Africa Ensemble Recital; April 27th, 2016; 1W Oliver Colvin Recital Hall; Bassist & Vocalist; Recital Gig
14. Indian Ensemble Recital; April 30th, 2016; @25 Fordham Road; Bassist & Vocalist; Recital Gig
20. Recording Session for original by Shai Portugaly; June 2nd, 2016; 160 Mass Ave; Bassist, Recording Session
21. Purvaa Sampath’s Recital ‘Introducing Maya’; June 6th, 2016; @ Cafe 939; Vocalist; Gig
22. Recording Session for original by Harshitha Krishnan; June 11th, 2016; 160 Mass Ave Studio 1; Bassist; Recording Session
26. Brazilian Instrumental Ensemble; August 4th, 2016; @1W Oliver Colvin Recital Hall; Bassist, Recital
27. Recording Session w/ Yogev Gabay; August 9th, 2016; Home; Bassist, Singer, Producer, Pianist; Student Project
31. Bass Performance Forum; September 20th, 2016; 1A Berk Recital Hall; Bassist and Vocalist; Showcase
32.Performed with Neo Gcabo Band;  September 22nd, 2016; @ Boston Public Market; Bassist; Gig - Video Credit: Neo Gcabo - Instagram
33. Sharon Renold Caf Show, idiots On Stage; October 25th 2016; @Berklee Dining Hall; Bassist, Vocalist, Producer, Composer, Arranger, Band Leader; Recital
34. Parents Weekend Performed with Middle Eastern Fusion Ensemble ; October 28th, 2016; @Berklee Performance Center; Bassist; Gig
35. Juli Gort Morgan Caf Show; November 22nd, 2016; @Berklee Dining Hall; Bassist, Singer; Recital
36. Middle Eastern Ensemble Recital; November 27th, 2016; @David Friend Recital Hall; Bassist, Singer; Recital
Take Off - Yoel Genin
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37. Recording Session w/ Yoel Genin; December 4th, 2016; @CWP Suites 160; Singer; Student Project
1. Millennium Music Conference 2016 with Chanodom Peace Nakalagshana Band; February 19th, 2016; Harrisburg, PA; Bassist; Gig
2. Concert for Magazine Opening w/ Sinnia Brown Band; February 27th, 2016; in Nashua, New Hampshire; Bassist, Gig
5. Vocal Music of South Africa Ensemble; May 7th, 2016; @Wesleyan University; Bassist, Gig
Shir Moledet - Remix
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7. High School Graduation Soundtrack - Iyar Dalva; June 13, 2016; Home Production; Producer; Personal Project
Einav - Soundalike
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9. Soundalike Project Iyar Dalva; August 23rd, 2016; Home Production; Bassist; Personal Project
4. Performed with Nadav Ben Ozer Band; December 27th, 2016; @ Boston Hannuka Celebration Menora Lighting at Copley Square; Bassist, Gig 
Video Credit: Amit Kupererd Facebook